An innovative proposal for sustainability

The first decentralized currency with future physical support in the aquaponic industry.

CYCLE DEFI is an innovative protocol in the world of cryptos, with the proposal to build the largest Aquapônica farm in Brazil, to operate in a market that moves billions annually.


First semester

Aquaponics Farm

We will create a sustainability-based company that will generate cash for CYCLED by producing organic food on the aquaponic farm, Cycle I – Marte, that will be built on our property in Northeast Brazil.

Second semester

Cycle NFT

In our second semester we will develop our “play to earn” NFT game, within the Cycle Defi ecosystem, with the theme of developing aquaponic farms on Mars.

0 Ton
This is our initial monthly food production target.

Utility token

A deflationary token with real utility.

We design an ecosystem in cycle with aquaponics, NFT universe and investors, to provide evolutionary liquidity for the asset, promoting its valuation and constant growth.


All asset purchase and sale fees are invested in the company, which expands its production and, with the profits obtained, reinvests in the asset's liquidity.


2% burns in asset purchase and sale transactions. And 80% of CYCLE tokens repurchased by the company are burned monthly, accelerating the asset shortage process. Thus making it more valuable.


Our ecosystem was designed with a focus on sustainability.

The CYCLED tokenomic system was designed to generate external liquidity through the future aquaponic company and the NFT project.

All of Cycled’s purchase and sale fees are automatically converted by Cycled’s contract into BUSD, these fees will be initially invested in the construction of the Aquaponics Farm and, in the future, in its expansion, increasing its production capacity and, consequently, its revenue, the which will be reinvested monthly in CYCLED.


Supply 100 billions
Private sales
Future listings (locked)
NFT Project

Transactions fee 12%


For project development

Fees will be used ​​for aquaponic farm construction, marketing and other project needs.


For automatic liquidity increase

2% of each transaction is automatically injected into liquidity.


More scarcity

Through forced burning, we will constantly reduce Supply, causing its deflation

Cycled Buy back system, accelerated burning.


Company burnout

After buying the tokens in the buyback process (with company profits), the Cycle team will burn 80% of them, transferring them to the '' Dead wallet. ” This process will be repeated monthly.



The remaining 20% ​​of the repurchase process will be distributed to the project holders in the form of prizes for the community's daily participation in the Telegram.


Loop injection

The value injected by the company returns 100% to the token, generating liquidity, return for holders and return of fees for the cycle.

Road Map

Find us


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CNPJ: 34.645.324/0001-07

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